A wellness podcast by Elizabeth Kott & Stephanie Simbari - two Los Angeles based ladies taking it day by day, juice by juice & one conscious haphazard convo at a time. It's a show!



Birthstone: Diamond;

Spirit Animal: RuPaul
Mantra: Be your own guru

Bringing conversations of consciousness to the forefront and supporting others through their wellness journey with realness and humor is Elizabeth's calling. Prior to doing so as co-host and producer of That’s So Retrograde, Elizabeth was an established leader in the digital fashion space, having started her career working for Rachel Zoe, as a founding team member of The Zoe Report and then as creator of famed online fashion consignment website, Closet Rich. Recognized by Elle Magazine, Refinery 29, Glamour.com and Entrepreneur Magazine for her work, Kott names producer, writer, mentor, stylist and creative director as some of her most worn hats. For shameless self promotion coupled with aesthetically pleasing photos, you can find her on social media: @elizabethkott.

Spirit Animal: her neighbor's parrot, Kooka

Mantra: Love yourself and the rest will follow

Stephanie Simbari is a funny creative who names comedian / actress / writer and host as some of her titles. She was born and raised in the suburbs of New York City and spent most of her teen years drinking malt liquor and taking the train to NYC to get body piercings she would later live to regret. She's since mostly cleaned up her act and become a devoted yogini and spiritual seeker. She tours the country as a stand up comedian, and was a series regular on 'Funny Girls' on Oxygen. You can find her on Netflix in the critically acclaimed indie film 'Coldwater' and she co-hosts her very own podcast, the highly rated and what many have called "life changing" wellness show, 'That's So Retrograde'. Find her on Instagram if you want to follow a cute girl who's usually fully clothed. @stephsimbari